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Middle East  


Nowadays aviation is essential part of everyday lifestyle of millions of people around the world and it is a driver to both global economic growth and stability.

Delivered 1500 aviation projects worldwide Delivered 1500 aviation projects worldwide
 Worked on 400 airports in 40 countries Worked on 400 airports in 40 countries

We have delivered more than 1,500 aviation projects worldwide, at more than 400 national and international airports in over 40 countries.

From our experience we understand the complex interactions between the individual components of airport facilities and we know exactly what is needed to make an airport world-class.  We believe that modern airports create a mini-economy in themselves and the approach to design and planning the airport must consider how to enhance airport capacity and customer experience.

As a global company we bring global excellence to our Middle East clients in the delivery of aviation services.  Our multi-disciplinary resource base allows us to engage positively on projects from inception, through design, on to construction and into operation.  With experts located across the globe and outstanding project delivery experience within each region, we can bring best practice, innovation and optimised life-cycle costs to our aviation clients.

In the Middle East, we have worked on many aviation projects including Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan, Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Abu Dhabi International Airport  and Emirates Engine Testing Facility in Dubai to name a few. 



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