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Middle East  

Design & Build

Design and Build (D & B) projects are increasing in the Middle East region following a trend that started 20 years ago in the UK, US and Australia.

Global expertise in Design and Build Global expertise in Design and Build
 Proven technical excellence in the region Proven technical excellence in the region
 Collaborative approach Collaborative approach

As a global business, we have been involved in D & B projects all over the world whether it is infrastructure projects or buildings or stadia.

Through this experience we recognise the benefits of D & B projects such as reduced procurement time, efficient work between contractors and consultant and cost saving. Working closely with our clients we combine world-class best practice with excellent knowledge of the approval processes and procedures of local authorities here in the Middle East.

Beyond the technical capabilities we also bring to each project significant experience of taking a collaborative approach with all stakeholders to ensure that the objectives are achieved and the project progress is communicated on time.

We also provide technical advisory for our clients, helping to ensure  the construction and design maintain the best quality according to the client’s vision.



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