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Client Feedback Form


WSP F10-Client Feedback Form

F10 Client Feedback Form

Issue:1, Rev:02; June:2017
Within WSP we are always looking at ways to improve our performance. Continued feedback from our Clients is the best way to measure our performance. With the feedback you provide we can therefore work on improving our performance. This way we aim to continuously exceed your expectations.
Performance Grading
Please rate us on each of the following items.
Put "X" in N/A box, if not applicable
< ---- > Additional Comments
Poor <--> Excellent
(please put "X" in appropriate box)
N/A 1 2 3 4 5
1 Quality of output
2 Timely delivery of output
3 Effectiveness of communication
4 Responsiveness to changing requirements
5 Capabilities and behaviour of project team
6 Project Planning
7 Competency of project team
8 Delivery of value for money
9 Approach to design innovation
10 Focus on Sustainability
11 Health and Safety awareness
12 Consistent Site Supervision
13 Understanding of Client's requirements

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