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Middle East  

Exploring new cultures with Malgorzata Cebula

Associate – Mechanical, Malgorzata Cebula, joined the building services team in February 2014. Currently site-based and working full time on the Royal Atlantis, she is the only woman in the Middle East and US Building Services teams assigned to the project.


Originally from Poland, she moved to the Middle East over 10 years ago for the opportunity to work on amazing projects and to explore new cultures. She said, “I recently went to a dinner party. There were 10 people at the table, all from different countries and cultural background! It was a great experience you can only have in Dubai.”

Malgorzata is focused on developing her career - she recently conducted her professional interview and is now a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a full member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) which she considers as the highlight of her career in WSP so far. She also considers being a mentor and sharing her knowledge to young professionals one of her best accomplishments at work. She said, “I enjoy sharing my project experience and the lessons I’ve learned to up and coming mentees.”

Malgorzata loves travelling around the world and is passionate about scuba diving. She considers a combination of the two as the perfect holiday package. She is used to taking up challenges on her daily work but likes a different kind of challenge outside of work - something that involves the nature. She said, “I really enjoyed climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I would recommend it to anyone, a hike like that gives you the rare opportunity to clear your mind. Nature really does clear your head.”

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