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Greg Kane talks to Construction Week about the WSP rebrand

The re-brand draws a nice clean line in the sand for WSP employees. Read more…


James Morgan of Construction Week interviewed Greg Kane about the recent global rebrand.

In their conversation, Greg said: “What this rebrand does is to draw a nice clean line in the sand for WSP employees, whatever their legacy organisations. Those activities are now behind us and we look forward to a shared future under one name as a single entity.”

He also revealed details of the intensive brand research and consultative brand development initiative that was conducted which helped obtain feedback from 600 existing clients, 600 prospective customers and 350 employees globally.

Commenting on the process, he said: “We received strong feedback, and we used these findings to inform our new brand identity: what we want to be, and how we want to position ourselves in the market.”

The full length interview will be published on 10 June 2017, issue 659 of Construction Week.

To view the short version, click here.

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