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Middle East  

Maria Diaz #engineeredHERway

Maria Clara Diaz, originally from Colombia, joined WSP in 2013. She is a principal architect who is currently site-based, and acts as a team leader/coordinator between our site teams, architects/designers, contractors and the client.


Maria is the first architect in her family. Interested in building models since childhood, she used to enjoy spending time playing with Lego model options and trying to build her own designs. She said, “As I grew up, I started reading books and magazines about architecture. I remember reading a line that said ‘architecture is a social art and it is capable of changing the way people live’. From then on I knew I wanted to be a part of that important role of creating the future of our communities. I happen to know before graduating that my dad wanted to be an architect and in a very “indirect” way he encouraged me to become one, perhaps I fulfilled his dream." 


Maria finds learning different aspects of a project fascinating – how each aspect relates to the others and how everything takes shape as the project finishes. She said, “I see myself as a pragmatic more than an artistic architect; I guess this is why I feel comfortable working for an engineering company.” She has worked on many projects in the region but is particularly proud of collaborating with her team in designing the staircase on levels 124 and 125 of the Burj Khalifa, “I am honoured to deliver a great project that was very significant. I was able to modify the geometrics of the Burj Khalifa – I guess not many architects get the opportunity to work on such an iconic building.”

An advocate of healthy living, Maria spends her weekends doing water sport activities or participating in 10km marathons in and out of Dubai. She said, “I follow a healthy lifestyle and ensure that I have a balanced life between work and home. I believe that to live longer, we need to live healthier. And I try my best to share this passion with other people – I enjoy helping them make healthy choices and improve their daily habits.”