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Middle East  

WSP are the first SABRE licensed organisation outside the UK

New security certification for buildings can offer peace of mind for residents of the Middle East.


SABRE Certification

Recent incidents across the globe have brought into focus the concept of security in the built environment and increased the focus placed on the role of security in the design and operation of the buildings in which we live and work.

BRE Global, an independent, third-party approvals and certification organisation have launched a new assessment and certification scheme to assess the security performance of developments and offer assurance for tenants, clients and visitors that security has been considered throughout the design and operation of a building.

The ‘SABRE’ certification offers the general public peace of mind that developers and operators have considered security measures across 9 key areas of building operation and design, from assessing risk to reviewing policies and procedures.

The new security certification is now available to developers in the Middle East through global engineering consultancy, WSP, who have become the first SABRE licensed organisation outside of the UK. Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Principal Consultant of Security Risk Management for the firm and the first certified SABRE Registered Assessor in the Middle East, commented on the release of the certification;

“The security considerations for developments of any kind are constantly evolving and require continual review against the environment in which they operate. The general public are increasingly more security conscious and rely on developers and building operators to maintain a robust approach to security.  The SABRE certification allows developers to showcase their commitment to the security of building occupants and visitors whilst assessing the continual improvement of security related policies through regular re-certification. SABRE is not designed as a simple badge of compliance, the certification seeks to drive improvement and encourage developers and operators to implement and demonstrate industry best practice. ”

For more information about this topic please contact Andrew Lloyd-Jones, Principal Consultant - Security Risk Management at andrew.lloyd-jones@wsp.com

*The SABRE logo is the copyright of BRE Global Ltd and is reproduced by permission only.




Andrew Lloyd-Jones
Andrew Lloyd-Jones Principal Consultant - Security Risk Management