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Middle East  

WSP expands Security Services Department

We have expanded our Security Services department to include Enterprise Resilience, Business Continuity, and Cyber Security; complementing our well established and successful Security Risk Management team.


Clients in the Middle East region, like those across the globe, are seeking an integrated approach to security and resilience systems. Moving away from the traditional silo mentality of separating security, crisis management, business continuity and cyber security; industry leading organisations are moving towards a proactive integration strategy utilising the benefits of collaboration and existing resources within their organisations to drive efficiency and add value to organisations.

Head of Technology Consulting & Enterprise Resilience, Chris Sherwood, who leads the new team, said; “We work with our clients to reduce the impact of business disruption events through an integrated and holistic approach. Our subject matter experts in areas such as Enterprise Resilience, Business Continuity, Information Security, Fraud Control, and Security Risk Management, work together to ensure risk management plans and systems are integrated and appropriately governed.”  

“This converged approach to Security & Resilience is central to our Risk Management process of Assessment, Strategy, Design, Implementation, and Governance.”

“We have invested not only in leveraging and developing existing knowledge and skillsets, but also in pursing and recruiting industry leaders,” he added.

Joining the team as Associate Director for Enterprise Resilience is John Cowling, an internationally recognised leader in Risk Management and Business Continuity. His initial engagements include a transportation sector strategic benchmarking project, a maritime port redevelopment, advising a critical infrastructure of a regional government on the establishment of a corporate security department, as well as integration of a multinational’s security and crisis management systems.

John added: “I am excited to have joined the Security & Resilience team with a growing number of qualified security professionals. In a cost driven environment clients understand the benefits of our integrated security and resilience approach to their overall operational procedures through achieving economy of scope and thus reducing their OPEX. For every project we aim to find the most suitable, risk-cost-balanced solutions for our clients considering their specific industry, applicable standards and international best practice.”

For more information about this topic please contact our experts below or head to our Security Resilience page.

Chris Sherwood, Head of Technology Consulting & Enterprise Resilience, 


John Cowling, Associate Director – Enterprise Resilience, WSP