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WSP have conducted BREEAM International 2009 Retail assessment for the retail centres in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Bullet Client: FASHION HOUSE Group
Bullet Moscow: 28000 sqm
Bullet St Petersburg: 20000 sqm


The FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow, with 165 store units, is the first fully-enclosed outlet facility in Russia. It is located 55 minutes drive from the city centre and reachable for 13.4 million inhabitants within 90 minutes drive time. In St Petersburg the centre includes 120 units and has a catchment of over 5.2 million. WSP is responsible for the BREEAM Retail certification for both developments.

Sustainable solutions

Some of the solutions assessed in FASHION HOUSE in Moscow include:

  • ecological and social requirements for the General Contractor during construction,
  • energy efficiency is 27% higher than in a standard building,
  • energy efficient external lighting with light sensors,
  • lighting zoning in the building,
  • energy use monitoring for each tenant and in each building area,
  • individual temperature regulation in individual areas and by each tenant,
  • innovative car sharing system, for which an online platform has been created,
  • creation of bus connection with Moscow underground line to encourage public transport use.

 See building's presentation:



Ewa Kowalska-Ocneanu
Ewa Kowalska-Ocneanu Chief Sustainability