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Asbestos survey and Hazardous material management

In Poland we have experience in managing hazardous materials/asbestos at numerous development sites and throughout the entire process.


WSP is able support Clients within asbestos survey in the following phases:

  • Review of available site specific documentation (provided by the Client and/or site representatives) which will allow to determine the approach for asbestos survey
  • Performing of Asbestos Containing Materials survey (ACM)
  • Sampling for laboratory analyses of asbestos (presence of asbestos fibers and type)
  • Assessment of ACM locations and mass of materials intended for disposal
  • Preparation of Plan of Asbestos Containing Materials Removal (Work Plan). The Work Plan establish methodology for ACM disassembly, including preliminary work schedule, organization of work and all necessary requirements essential to accomplish the tasks (the assumptions of Work Plan is always consulted with the Client)
  • Preparation of ACM safe usage manual for company responsible for ACM removal
  • Preparation of Plan of control for asbestos dust hazard including air quality control (including dust hazard within and outside the work area)
  • Notification before the commencement of work involving removal/secure of the ACM to the District Architecture and Construction Office (Powiatowy Wydział Architektury i Budownictwa)
  • Conducting Notification of the work to the County Construction Supervision Inspector, District Inspectorate of Labour and National Sanitary Inspector (Powiatowy Organ Nadzoru Budowlanego, Okręgowy Inspektor Pracy oraz Państwowy Inspektor Sanitarny) before the commencement of activities
  • Preparation of investor costs estimation and the work bill of quantities for contractor
  • Asbestos Containing Material removal design including methodology of removal works of aforementioned materials, including: work organization, sequence, schedule of preliminary works, necessary technical means for materials removal, personal protective equipment, and methods of waste disposal and control of asbestos fibres emission into the environment
  • Support with a subcontractor choice since the work can only be undertaken by the contractor providing staff trained in environmental pollution minimizing and with a medical examination for working with asbestos
  • Supervision of the works conducted by the subcontractor




Lidia Skąpska
Lidia Skąpska Chief Environmental