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Building Information Modelling

We are embracing BIM throughout our business, not just as a design tool, but as a whole new way of working to improve cradle to grave project efficiency.

Bullet Improving design and construction efficiency
Bullet Adding value from cradle to grave

BIM ensures fully coordinated design process

Using BIM allows us to coordinate various engineering disciplines in one, central model and add value at every stage of the construction process. During design we ensure collaboration between multiple design disciplines to ensure more coordinated, faster and more effective design process. At the construction phase we improve efficiency, speeding up response times to design changes or site problems, improving planning capability and cost management.

Integral part of our design

We are working towards making BIM integral to all our project processes. Our structural team is working exclusively using BIM and design quality standards are assured by our BIM technicians. WSP in Poland is engaged in some most exciting projects in the UK, what allows us to gain best practice knowledge and share it locally with the mechanical and electrical teams.



Grzegorz Wieczorek
Grzegorz Wieczorek Director of Operations