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Building modelling (energy, daylighting, thermal comfort)

At WSP in Poland we use building modelling as a tool to evaluate energy, thermal comfort and daylighting for a given period of time.


What is building modelling?

The model helps to draw conclusions on early project stages for new build, renovation or certification to test different options and apply most efficient solutions. We work on modern simulation tool – VE IES by Virtual Environment. The programme combines all information modules (energy, lighting, BREEAM, LEED etc.) in one, central model. The software also aids BIM technology design i.e. with Autodesk Revit®.

Advantages from early project stages

Based on the data from architect, and SMEP engineers we generate data on energy use, temperature and daylighting in given period. This allows to choose orientation of the building, materials, glazing, isolation, HVAC solutions or lighting strategies. Thanks to simulation we can better advise Client, Architect and multidisciplinary team of engineers on building design optimisation.

Integrated simulation is especially valuable in BREEAM and LEED assessment process, as it allows to verify on early stages of the design process, which solutions should be applied. This influences not only low energy use during building operation, but also helps to prove energy efficiency in certification process. Simulation is suitable for new and refurbished buildings. We can test various alternatives of modernisation and improvement of building functioning, based on inventory, audit or inspection.



Bartosz Marcol
Bartosz Marcol Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultant