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Data Centres

We are at the forefront of delivering resilient, flexible and energy efficient mission critical facilities.

Bullet Mission critical facilities
Bullet Design and fit-out

Our specialists provide consultancy to address the Client requirements be that investigations, reports, studies, design and/or management and leadership. Our consultants offer independent and impartial advice tailored around the Client's needs and budget.

We have a track record of delivering designs for buildings, which operate continuously and where uninterrupted critical services are essential, whether these are financial facilities, high-tech company offices and data centres.

There are several principles while providing building services for mission critical facilities:

  • Resilience - Loss of power, whether air conditioning or communications, is devastating to the Client's business.
  • Programme - Delivery on time is crucial to business strategy. The building fit-out is only the first part of the project but its successful delivery enables the IT and furniture fit-outs to begin.
  • Maintenance will not usually be possible during normal working hours, therefore, systems and equipment should be inherently reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Flexibility - Linked to the Client's business needs, building services must be easily adaptable to suit changes in layout, use and technology, which necessitates close liaison between project delivery and building operations. 




Sylwester Hofman
Sylwester Hofman Chief Electrical