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Environmental Due Diligence

As part of our environmental expertise we provide due diligence to estimate environmental risks and propose most effective solutions.


The Phase I Environmental Assessment is comprising a desk study review of historical and regulatory information (where available), informal consultation of key environmental regulators (confidentiality permitting) and a walk over survey.

The scope of works for the Assessment contains the following elements:

  • Detailed assessment of current site status through a walkover survey and interviews with key staff (where feasible)
  • Assessment of the historical land uses on and surrounding the site from publicly available sources
  • Assessment of the ‘sensitivity’ of the site location as determined by factors such as hydrogeology, proximity of watercourses, neighbouring land use, etc.
  • Identify potential impact on Nature 2000 zone
  • Review of available site specific environmental information (provided by the client and/or site representatives)
  • Informal enquiries with relevant environmental regulatory bodies (confidentiality permitting)
  • Analysis of the significance of all potential environmental risks identified in the context of the proposed site use
  • Mining activities in the area
  • Wetlands and flooding areas (based on available documents and authorities information)
  • Presentation of findings in a non-technical executive summary, with clear conclusions and recommendations (if appropriate)




Lidia Skąpska
Lidia Skąpska Chief Environmental