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Health and safety audits

We conduct audits to help your company identify risks and mitigation measures to effectively manage health and safety in your organization.


Why does H&S matter?

Labour health and safety influences financial results of an organization, at the same time being its legal and social responsibility. Complying with health and safety regulations not only prevents work related accidents and diseases, but also has significant impact on organization’s success both on the local and international markets.

Each organization should apply to the essential health and safety regulations, so that all employees feel safe and fulfill their duties efficiently. At the same time, each employer should be aware of his obligations, resulting from the labor law. Proper H&S management also influences organization’s reputation as socially responsible.

Moreover, in case of merge or acquisition, identification of H&S condition is crucial to specify potential risks, as well as necessary investments in that area.

Improvement of H&S management processes is one of the most effective ways to enhance operations of an organization as a whole.

What does an H&S audit cover?

H&S audit comprises of analysis of health and safety status in an organization and conformity assessment of existing occupation conditions with current H&S regulations – it allows specifying the actual state as well as identifying and eliminating any breaches.

The form and scope of audit is specified individually, depending on its aim as well as needs and expectations of the Client. It can be conducted once or periodically.

The scope of a typical audit encompasses analysis of an organization in the following areas:

  • Inspection and control of H&S condition,
  • H&S trainings,
  • Preventive health care, first aid system,
  • Workplaces and work processes,
  • Occupational risk,
  • Work wear and individual (collective) protection measures,
  • Accident records and preventive measures undertaken,
  • Harmful, dangerous and onerous factors,
  • Hygiene and sanitary spaces,
  • Transport,
  • Storage,
  • Fire protection.

Compatibility assessment of machines and equipment located on site and detailed analyses of conditions in work spaces have influence on investment plans of an organization, and it can be an additional audit area.

What are the results of an audit?

On the base of the audit, we would prepare a report, in which we inform the Client about any unconformities and risks occurring in the organization.

In case we observe any failures, we will also indicate measures how to achieve full compliance with existing regulations and improve occupational safety.



Lidia Skąpska
Lidia Skąpska Chief Environmental