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Lighting Design

We provide energy-efficient lighting solutions for all types of projects. Our attractive, well-planned lighting schemes provide good visual comfort and are adapted to the needs of the end-user.


Innovative approach

We collaborate with the entire design team and bring to every project and innovative approach, deep understanding of the complex issues involved and close attention to detail. We work with natural and artificial light, using modern analytical tools and daylighting simulation, combined with energy modeling. This allows us to minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as provide daylight calculations for green building certification systems such as BREEAM and LEED.

Tailored solutions

Working for a range of Clients, including property owners, architects and public authorities, we tailor our solutions to Client's needs, combining functionality, aesthetics and technological expertise with financial and environmental considerations. Whether we are designing for a museum, shopping center or residential development, we deliver attractive, well-planned lighting schemes for good visual comfort and adapted to the needs of the end user.



Sylwester Hofman
Sylwester Hofman Chief Electrical