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Technical Due Diligence Reports

Our environmental and buildings experts assess technical condition of assets, and help our Clients determine opportunities, investment risks and costs.


Whether environmental due diligence or technical reports on buildings, our experts provide detailed assessment based on high level, visual inspections. The conclusions and recommendations described in the report help foresee CAPEX in the short and long term.

Environmental due diligence estimates environmental risks and is aimed at proposing most effective solutions. Phase I Environmental Assessment comprises of a desk study review of historical and regulatory information, informal consultation of key environmental regulators and a walk over survey.

The structural and building services due diligence involves site visit and top-down visual inspection of the building interior and exterior, building services' systems, review of the available historical structural information, non-intrusive conditional assessment of the existing structure and installations, recommendations for further investigations and a summary structural and MEP technical due diligence report with building's condition rating and CAPEX estimations.



Grzegorz Wieczorek
Grzegorz Wieczorek Director of Operations