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Water Management

We take a holistic and sustainable approach to managing and minimising natural resource use.


Water efficiency programmes for buildings may include rainwater harvesting, improved storm water management, groundwater resource replenishment and holistic water re-use. We assess water-use in the design, manufacture, distribution and use of your products and have green product design experts and online tools to reduce water-use across the entire product life cycle. And we can measure and implement efficiencies across entire organisations and their associated supply chains.

We work with authorities, utilities and developers alike to preserve, manage and improve our water assets, infrastructure and supply. Our advice spans water quality and pollution through the design of mitigation and restoration solutions as well as continuous monitoring programmes, to the health and status of wetlands and water-based ecosystems where we devise innovative wetland management techniques, right through to the design of water infrastructure and plant.



Lidia Skąpska
Lidia Skąpska Chief Environmental