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Lidia Skąpska

Chief Environmental
Lidia Skąpska

Lidia graduated from Warsaw University, M.Sc. Inter-faculty Studies of Environmental Protection as well as from University of Wrocław, M.Sc. Faculty of Earth Science and Environmental Management – part-time studies, master’s certificate course in geology. Lidia holds geological certificate No. XI-021 /geological site works supervising, beside geophysics/ and hydrogeological certificate No. V-1628 /hydrogeological supervision on groundwater deposits research, determination of hydrogeological conditions etc./. She’s worked for 10 years on numerous EIA (for linear projects such as highways or roadways, commercial and industrial sites, and oil and gas exploration and appraisal), site pollution assessment and remediation projects including commercial and industrial sites (i.a. fuel depots and petrol stations).

During her experience as an Environmental Consultant she participated in shale gas related projects. She managed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and EIA for Natura 2000 projects for shale gas investments in Poland. She was also involved in extensive environmental and water management studies. Her experience comprises also numerous Phase I and II Environmental Auditing projects and water supply and management guidance.