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We apply principles of sustainable development as we create our solutions and employ a multidisciplinary team of experts with a proven record of environmental achievement and a commitment to balanced integration between human and natural environments.

Together with the strengthening of environmental protection laws and regulations, public concerns about sustainable development have become a key aspect of project start-up and implementation. In Canada, our multidisciplinary team is made up of experienced professionals and technicians with a solid track record in the areas of impact studies, environmental audits, environmental systems implementation and maintenance, water, air and soil characterizations, land remediation and environmental monitoring.

Our specialized expertise also extends to strategic planning and socio-economic studies. Sustainable development is an integral part of WSP’s overall project vision; as soon as work on a project begins, every effort is made to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Decommissioning an 80 square kilometre copper mine and rehabilitating the environment is no easy feat. Our team rose to the challenge, bringing home the coveted Schreyer Award for Engineering Excellence in the process.