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About BIM

At WSP we have been following the evolution of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for many years and have pioneered its development. We have the experience and the technology to manage the entire BIM process in building, industrial, infrastructure and transportation projects. We also recognise that, for many, BIM represents a major change. Therefore we have divided BIM into three stages – BIM One, BIM Two and BIM Three.



BIM One is the foundation for BIM and enables one discipline to work in a BIM model representing, for example, the structural design of a project. Even though this is just the entry level there is already much to be gained at this stage, thanks to the improved quality that results from working more efficiently.


BIM Two enables several technical disciplines to coordinate their work in a common BIM model. This creates a platform for cross-disciplinary checking and coordination, improving quality and saving money. Perhaps most importantly it enables both designers and clients to gain insight and understanding of the process.

BIM Three

BIM Three is the complete BIM process that covers work at every stage of a project. This means that everyone involved in the scheduling, planning, engineering, construction and management phases uses a common model that makes all information traceable and transparent. This is applicable to all types of project, from Buildings and Industrial to Transportation and Infrastructure.

There are benefits to be gained at every stage and the requirements, such as data inputting and storage, are similar. BIM Three is not for everyone – starting with BIM One is a great way to get started and gain an insight into how BIM works.


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