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Summer job

We appreciate students within WSP. Unfortunately summer jobs often collide with the time of year when our business slows down, which reduces our possibilities to provide summer jobs. It is our group or department managers who decide if they have the possibility to provide summer jobs.


How to apply

If you are interested in a summer job in WSP, start by looking at our advertised positions. If you cannot find a suiting position you may also contact the manager within the division and the city that you are interested in. You will reach the manager in charge if you call our front desk at +4610 -722 50 00. The manager can then provide you with more information regarding the possibilities for a summer job.

We are happy to receive a lot of speculative applications regarding summer jobs. To make our job easier and to make sure that your application reaches the right person we here provide some do’s and don’ts. Please consider the following:

  • Interest. What are you interested in working with? Within which division? Be clear in your application with what you want to work with and why. We appreciate straight forward applications.
  • Where and when? Specify where, when and during what period of time you are interested in working with us.
  • Why WSP? Explain in your application why it is WSP that you want work with.
  • Attach your CV and cover letter. It makes it easier for us if we know a little bit more about you when you apply.
  • Wording. It is important, especially in a consultant company, to be able to present yourself well in writing. Make sure your application is well formulated and correctly spelled.
  • Plan ahead. Make sure you apply early. We get a lot of applications and it might take a while before we have time to go through them all.
  • Last, but not least…  Avoid ‘copy paste’. We understand that you want to save some time by sending the same application to many companies, but it very rarely gives any good results. Rather choose fewer companies and make sure the application you send to those companies is the best it can be.  General applications are complicated to take care of, not very funny to read and will most likely not result in any summer job.