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Djibouti Telecom have signed a multi year contract with Swedish Smart City experts WSP Telecom

The government of Djibouti and Djibouti Telecom have started a very thoughtful and advanced project that will be unique in this part of the world. The brand new Smart City in Djibouti will be the home of more than 100,000 people and 1,000 companies. The city will be a state of the art Smart City, using all available technologies to create a sustainable and modern city in Africa.


WSPs role is to support and design the ICT-layer of the Smart City and help drive the project from beginning to end.

"We selected WSP based on their experience and expertise within the Smart City Business. They have been a great and understanding partner that has added tremendous value to this project for us," says Kassim Waiss, infrastructure director of Djibouti Telecom and the Smart city PM for ICT part.

"This is a very interesting project and market for us. The Smart City market is growing very fast and we believe Africa and the Middle East are very good markets to place yourself as a market leader within Smart Cities. We believe we can add great value to both this project and to the community in Djibouti for a very long time to come," says Mikael Stenqvist, at WSP.

About the Smart City Iroley Project

The main drivers for the Smart City of Iroley are sustainability and to establishment an ICT platform that gives high flexibility, open standards and capacity to enable a variety of Smart City Services, such as:

  • High speed Internet Access, via Optical fibre infrastructure, 3G+/LTE and public Wi-Fi
  • Voice service, via broadband access (VoIP) and mobile netwok (3G)
  • High resolution broadcast and Video on Demand Services
  • Smart Building
  • Public Safety
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Transportations

The main objectives has been defined under three pillars; Economical, Ecological and Social Sustainability.

Economic sustainability

The business objective "Stimulate economic growth with new sustainable businesses, jobs and opportunities" is breakdown to the following values and target:

  • Center for Trade, logistics and IT sectors serving East Africa
  • Innovation and hi-tech
  • Technical Park for Smart City Suppliers
  • Incubator and IT-training Center
  • Stimulated ICT sector
  • Ecological sustainability

The business objective "Reduce cost and environmental impact, by being smart and eco", can be breakdown to the following values and targets :

  • Low use of energy, material, water and other natural resources
  • Renewable energy
  • Efficient transportation and building solutions
  • Smart waste handling
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Social sustainability

The business objective "Attractive place for both business and living, by creating quality of Life", can be breakdown to the following values and targets:

  • Improved government services
  • Social inclusion
  • Safety
  • Convenient communications
  • Means to develop knowledge and capabilities to live and act sustainable
  • Ease of doing the right thing


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