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The new Stockholm Arena

The new Stockholm Arena will be a multipurpose venue for year-round use, and is an important part in the plans to extend the existing Ericsson Globe area. WSP is the project manager for the arena that will be completed around summer 2013.


In addition to the new arena, approximately 45,000 square metres of commercial space and hotels and 60,000 square metres of office space are planned in the vicinity. Demolition and construction work is due to begin in January 2010 and will be completed by summer 2013 at an estimated cost of SEK 2.0 billion (200 million Euros).

WSP is the project manager for the Stockholm Arena

WSP is project manager and will also be providing an extensive suite of services including Civils, Environmental, Fire & Risk and Acoustics. “It’s a unique design that features a moving roof designed to take snow loads,” says Jonas Living of WSP Management in Sweden. The heating system will provide an indoor temperature of 22°Ceven in the depths of winter. Heating will come from underground pipes and ventilation from fresh air circulation with minimal air-conditioning.

The new arena will also meet UEFA standards for a championship stadium, which require a seating capacity of no less than 30,000 and complies with UEFA and FIFA regulations for seating, pitch measurements, safety arrangements, lighting and sound systems.



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