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WSP works across a variety of sectors. Working in close collaboration with our clients we provide sustainable solutions for their projects. Thanks to our size we can always form the best team for every assignment.


WSP provides cost-effective solutions for the aviation sector, with particular emphasis on environmental improvements. Projects like major infrastructure projects, runways, terminal buildings, traffic and transportation.

The design and performance of educational facilities plays an important role in helping students succeed in their studies. School premises must have good internal environments to enable students to concentrate and remain engaged.

How we generate and distribute energy now and in the future is a key issue of our times. The only solutions with a future are those which are energy-efficient, renewable, and produce few or no greenhouse gas emissions.

An aging population, high levels of flexibility and speed of medical development are placing high demands on health services. WSP can adopt a comprehensive approach to hospital development.

Rising energy prices, increasing competition and strict environmental standards are the most challenging aspects to achieving cost-effective and environmentally friendly industrial production.

Mindful of the impact of mining on people and the natural environment, WSP focuses on helping our clients minimise the environmental impact of their operations whilst maximising security.

WSP is supporting municipalities, authorities, companies and organisations in creating a better society for people to live and work, now and in the future.

WSP plans and designs new office and hotel complexes as well as improve existing facilities and adding new ones, such as auditoriums and dining rooms.

Most of our rail projects are commissioned by Trafikverket. WSP offers expertise at every stage, from early stage inquiries to the finished railway line.

WSP’s residential work ranges from single family homes to the planning of entire neighbourhoods. Our clients include e.g. construction companies, real estate firms, municipalities.

WSP has extensive experience of retail projects. For example, we can assist with the various types of studies for the planning of a large commercial centre.

WSP’s expertise in roads, bridges and tunnels spans the whole project life-cycle from early feasibility studies and investigations, through construction to operation and maintenance.

WSP is providing solutions that are flexible and energy-efficient and deliver value for money for a range of sport and leisure facilities including sports stadia, swimming pools, golf courses, ski resorts and theatres.

The most successful societies combine economic development, social inclusion and welfare within a good environment. WSP delivers innovative, sustainable solutions to regeneration projects around the world.