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Rising energy prices, increasing competition and strict environmental standards are the most challenging aspects to achieving cost-effective and environmentally friendly industrial production.

Increasing competition Increasing competition
 Reducing environmental impact Reducing environmental impact

WSP has all the disciplines required for an industrial project, including process, construction, electrical, pipes, mechanical, automation, HVAC, fire & risk and environment. Process expertise is at the heart of what WSP offers customers. We also take responsibility for all parts in EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) projects.

WSP's experts understand the specific challenges facing each industrial sector and plant and are always able to rapidly put together the most suitable project team for each specific project, regardless of industrial sector. WSP's breadth of expertise and local presence throughout Sweden makes it simple to maintain daily contact at the same time as you gain access to WSP's most suitable industrial and process experts within the Group.

WSP's cutting-edge expertise and wide-ranging skills provide significant potential to make efficiencies and improvements that benefit both environment and economy. This applies to both industrial energy efficiency projects and resource optimisation projects, where WSP's combined expertise from both the industrial and energy sectors are utilised to the full.

WSP's Site Master Plan studies make an overall review of industrial plants to enable data to be produced based on different scenarios to be utilised for decisions on future development of the plant.

WSP has worked with just about all industrial sectors, but puts more focus on a number of prioritised areas, where we also have most experience, for example: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, foodstuffs, chemicals, petrochemicals, the automotive industry, construction materials, metals and the mining industry. Each sector has its own challenges and WSP has the experience to resolve them.