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Urban regeneration

The most successful societies combine economic development, social inclusion and welfare within a good environment. WSP delivers innovative, sustainable solutions to regeneration projects around the world.

Growth should be sustainable, but our changing world presents many challenges. WSP can tackle these with our unique combination of skills and technologies.

We provide clients in the public and private clients with analysis, quality control and solutions to support the development of businesses and society in a way that is beneficial and sustainable.

WSP focuses on how individuals, companies and communities are affected by our changing world, and we create strategies and solutions to improve society.  This may involve analysing social trends and highlighting the consequences of various options.  It could mean assisting our clients in their efforts to develop and improve cities and regions to make them more attractive places to live and work. Other key elements include developing strategies for social sustainable in the workplace and residential areas, finding the optimum solutions for designing and financing infrastructure and creating good, useable transport systems.

Our experienced analysts, consultants and researchers deliver unique value to our clients through their deep insight into community challenges, thanks to their professional knowledge, collective experience and personal commitment.  Together with the wide range of specialist skills and knowledge available across WSP’s network this makes us a natural partner in all matters relating to society.