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Offices and Hotels

WSP plans and designs new office and hotel complexes as well as improve existing facilities and adding new ones, such as auditoriums and dining rooms.

Flexibility is key when it comes to design functional office environments.  Walls should be easy to move when business needs change; electricity, telephone and IT connections should be readily available for laptops and other modern office equipment.  The work environment must  meet high standards of lighting, sound and ventilation.

WSP innovates in the workplace

WSP has developed ideas for the workplace to provide users with ergonomic, efficient, practical and aesthetically pleasing working environments.  We have been commissioned to deliver a number of large office facilities. These include Skanska’s new head office in Solna, with over 900 workstations, where our responsibilities ranged from detailed planning for the entire area of Hagaporten to designs for the interior of the whole building.

We also work for tenants, designing facilities for advertising and law firms, banks and businesses such as Nordstjernan, for whom furniture and furnishings have been specially designed to complement the building’s historic architecture.

We also help the hotel industry with its special requirements, providing services ranging from fire and risk to project management.