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WSP has wide expertise, experience and resources in civil engineering. We plan, analyse and manage projects for roads, bridges, railways, ports, airports and intelligent transport systems.

  • Visualisering och VR
    Visualisering och VR

    WSP har sedan 2005 en dedikerad avdelning för utveckling av projekteringsstöd med 3D – Visualisering och VR. Utöver V...

  • Mätningsteknik och geodesi
    Mätningsteknik och geodesi

    Inom WSP har vi lång erfarenhet och djup kompetens inom geodesi och mätningsteknik. Vi utför stomnätsetableringar, mä...

  • Traffic and transportation
    Traffic and transportation

    WSP advises public and private sector clients on every aspect of transport.

  • Tunnelling and underground space
    Tunnelling and underground space

    Tunnels transform transport networks, linking nations, uniting communities, drastically reducing travel times and rev...

  • Geografisk Information
    Geografisk Information

    Geografisk Information är ett teknikområde inom WSP Samhällsbyggnad med fokus på insamling, bearbetning och presentat...


Every bit of land is unique. Nowhere is the situation exactly the same. We offer a vast range of knowledge with engineers, landscape architects, water engineers, planners, surveyors, geologists and many other experts working in close collaboration. Thanks to our wide range of services and strong, integrated teamwork our clients benefit from added value, better projects and stronger relationships.

WSP has a strong local presence in every market, further enhanced by the skills and resources we can draw on from our global network of specialists. It means we never have to “reinvent the wheel”. The size and structure of our organization allows us to save money while achieving the best solutions by sharing our vast knowledge base and making all expertise globally available.


For more information please contact:

Patrick Hans Bertil Gune
Patrick Hans Bertil Gune Director, Infrastructure
Call us 010-722 50 00