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Project management

WSP offers private and public sector clients expert project management services within and outside the traditional construction sector.

  • Construction and Project Management
    Construction and Project Management

    We provide project management on all stages of construction projects. Our services cover all stages of the constructi...

  • Portföljstyrning

    Portföljstyrning är den samordnade styrningen av en organisations projektverksamhet och syftar till att säkerställa a...


We undertake assignments within offices and retail, education, healthcare, housing, civil engineering, communications, industrial facilities and projects entirely outside the construction sector.

A different approach for every project

Every project is unique and has its own special requirements, goals and priorities. No two projects can be implemented according to the same template. There might be a tight construction schedule, an unclear economic environment or a local market characterized by overheating or excess capacity. We base our methodologies for implementation on the circumstances surrounding the project to achieve the best outcome.

Knowledge, dedication and efficiency

Whether projects are large or small, planning, analysis and pro-active decision-making skills are required from start to finish. WSP Project, our project management system, allows us to follow a project through every stage of its lifecycle, influence its design and avoid unpleasant surprises. WSP Project conforms to the structure stipulated by PMI (the Project Management Institute) and defines our way of working on construction projects. Dedication, knowledge and a structured approach are the foundation of this system, which encompasses all project phases.

Effective project management is not just about efficient systems and equipment. More important still is our people’s expertise in using the tools, and their dedication, extensive knowledge and experience at every stage of a project. 


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Mickey Johansson WSP Management Director
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