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Compliance Services

Keeping track and having knowledge of Environmental and Health & Safety legislation is important for all companies. WSP Natlikan offers a wide range of attractive tools and services from our digital platform.


DO YOU ...

  • find it efficient to handle legislation in an excel document with hundreds of tabs?
  • have time to learn 10 new languages to understand their legislative requirements?
  • have difficulties to keep track of international legislation updates?
  • lack the detailed knowledge of the take-back requirements for batteries in India?

Read more about how our Tools & Services can help you today!


  • Identify and filter which legislation that is applicable to your operations for Environment and Health & Safety
  • Structure your legal requirements with our popular Compliance Registers
  • Tag and sort your requirements on different responsibilities, operations or other aspects

Compliance Registers
Create Your Own Register


  • Get monthly e-mails with both amendments and proposed and new legislation
  • Mark important legislation for future follow ups and set your actions to be future ready for the new legal requirements.
  • Add or delete new countries and jurisdictions from our global monitoring of more than 40 countries on all continents

General Monitoring
International Selected Topics


  • Take advantage of our different tools and services in your follow up
  • Marked legislation from our monthly e-mails
  • Audit your Register with our Compliance Audit Tool
  • Connect your checklist to the legislation and follow up your compliance rate
  • Document your Audits with our Management Audit Tool where you can set risks for your findings

Compliance Audit Tool
Management Audit Tool


  • Our Country Profiles presents an inspiring overview of the legal structure and the most important legislation in the country
  • A Compliance Guide will guide and train all your non-experts with what they need to know - a perfect match to your checklist.
  • Our On the Ground Network can provide you with deeper knowledge and support for specific important issues such as permits, weee, rohs, etc
  • Why not host a corporate Legal Update Webinar to stay ahead or attend one of our general Legal Updates .

Compliance Guides
Workshops & Training



Kathinka Löfberg
Kathinka Löfberg
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Jessica Hall