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MEP - Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing


WSP provides services in all aspects of electrical, IT, telecommunications, automation and HVAC to a wide range of clients in different sectors.

  • Elkraft

    Inom elkraftområdet jobbar WSP med kraftförsörjningsfrågor genom hela byggproduktionskedjan, från planering och först...

  • Lighting design
    Lighting design

    WSP provides lighting design solutions that are fully integrated within the architecture while creating spaces that a...

  • VVS

    WSP har heltäckande kompetens inom VVS, det vill säga anläggningar för värme, sanitet, gas, tryckluft, kyla, luftbeha...

  • Elinstallation

    Vi gör fastigheter intelligentare genom moderna lösningar inom elförsörjning, belysning, säkerhet och telekommunikati...


Mechanical , Electrical and Plumbing by WSP

Through our collaborative approach, working across the different WSP companies and business areas, with generalists and specialists, young and experienced, we ensure that everyone can participate and develop in a successful and exciting environment. 

Electricity and Telecommunications

Our services include power, lighting, security and telecommunications and we specialise in integrating different systems, coordinating information flows and maximising the yield of collected data.

Mechanical & Plumbing

We offer broad expertise in HVAC, including installations for heating, sanitation, gas, compressed air, cooling and air handling, in addition to control and monitoring of these systems.


We are experts in large digital resource networks. We have extended the traditional command and control concept to all property facilities.  Through our IT networks we improve comfort and optimise energy use by creating synergies between different systems, streamline the management and maintenance of properties and increase safety. 


We deliver automatic control technology for industrial processes.  One of our specialities is to integrate various systems within a company.  We also design, program, commission and train.

Railway Technology

We are experts in delivering electrical, signalling and telecom systems for rail traffic.  We offer this expertise in both the early planning and the design phases of a project.

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For more information please contact:

Håkan Danielsson
Håkan Danielsson Head of Division WSP Systems