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WSP acquires Vicicom

WSP acquires all shares in Vicicom AB and thereby moves into the market of telecom and network services. Vicicom founded in 2006, is a consulting company that develops next-generation broadband and telecommunications networks for municipalities and operators.


Vicicoms CEO Torbjörn Sandberg identifies many advantages of being a part of WSPs domestic and international operations:

- By becoming a part of WSP, we now have the organizational and financial muscle that we previously lacked to implement our ambitious visions. Vicicom has over the years worked with clients across the country. But it has been hard to offer our customers long-term projects, since we’ve been primarily Stockholm based. With WSP we will have offices throughout the country and can therefore create a nationwide offer. In the same way, we now have a totally different leverage in our efforts where we see that Vicicom have skills that are in demand, but that require local presence.

Magnus Meyer, Managing Director at WSP Sweden, welcomes Vicicoms complementary experience and knowledge in an industry that is growing. The government's goal is that by 2020, 90 percent of all households and businesses should have access to broadband of at least 100 Mbit /s.

- For WSP, this means an investment in a new segment of the market. Communication networks are a great complement to our existing services and we will be able to leverage our existing customer base. We see this as one of several distribution services which will primarily affect the municipal sector. We look forward to working together with Vicicoms leadership that has shown a strong entrepreneurship.

Vicicom will from 28 September 2015 act as WSP Telecom. Click here to learn about the offer, competencies, reference projects, etc.



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