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European Taskforce 2016


WSPs internationella karriärutvecklingsprogram, European Taskforce, är ett program för unga lovande medarbetare mellan 20 och 34 år. Gruppen får varje år ett uppdrag från ledningsgruppen att belysa en viktig fråga ur olika synvinklar, i år handlar det om globalisering. Här får du del av deras insikter under resans gång.


It’s all about passion

December 12, 2016

Some weeks ago Early Career Professionals Day (ECP day) was arranged at WSP offices worldwide. ECP day is a day were young employees get the opportunity to learn more about the company and different career paths within WSP and also get to meet young colleagues from other business areas.


ECP day is arranged by WSP’s different taskforces; European Taskforce had hubs in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki for example, and WSP India arranged ECP day at the New Delhi office.

One part of ECP day consists of different WSP employees present themselves, their background and what made them to what they are today. At the Gothenburg hub were I was located, there were four speakers and they all had different backgrounds, different education and are now working within completely different fields. On the other hand, they had one thing in common – they are passionate about their work and especially about their certain field of expertise. One of the speakers is now combining his WSP work with PhD studies about tree constructions to extend his knowledge about the field he is so interested in. Another speaker is doing a research project together with an institute for transportation studies and they are now launching a new app for mobile phones to promote more environmental friendly ways of transportation. Their passion for the actual subject and projects, and also the things that can be accomplished was what really came out during this speaker session.
I think it is fantastic with all my colleagues who truly can dig deep into a subject and become a specialist or expert within the certain field and based on the presentations I saw on ECP day; I think it’s all about passion.

On the first day of Taskforce, we went through WSP’s values and we discussed in the group which of the five that is the most important one. Earlier I believed it was Trustworthy, but now I’d like to change it to Passionate…



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