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Internationellt introduktionsprogram 2016-17


Varje år får tio nyutexaminerad studenter chansen att delta i WSPs internationella introduktionsprogram. Följ deras upplevelser och insikter under programmet i Sverige och utomlands.


India - In search of automation

December 05, 2016

When I think of the software and machine learning engineers graduating from my university, KTH, and how they all gravitate around the hi-tech companies who can hire the best in the field, I wonder: have they ever considered working in the civil engineering branch?


We often talk about implementing connected learning and projects, with different parts bringing their own perspective and experience in a common effort towards the solution. But in fact, we often stay within our circle of the industry. Here in India, however, I understood that the opposite is possible: civil engineers can work hand in hand with programmers and develop tools that lead us to a more effective workflow.

Currently within the International Introduction programme, my team develops WSP’s strategic initiative in automation. It was not a coincidence that I wrote my master thesis in automation solutions using machine learning techniques and that I went to India to learn from their experience in integrating new tools for civil engineers. On my first week at the office in Noida, I got introduced to Rajesh Deb, a Business Solution manager who has his background in GIS. Rajesh manages the Technology and Business Solutions team with seven local programmers, six for the Middle East and one for the US. In Sweden, we are often in search of qualified developers who could help us add this last touch to our project or help avoid exhausting manual work. The Indian department seemed to me a potentially perfect match with the Swedish branch of WSP, and we could already introduce each other’s projects in as little as two meetings.

The profile of the team covers the majority of programming languages: they can develop applications, automatize workflow, build databases or toolboxes for the most common software and even offer business analysis tools. I spent one week with the team and could oversee how well the cooperation between the local civil engineers and developers can go. When civil engineers know that there are dedicated programmers in the company, they are more conscious of raising a request for a missing tool.



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