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Nordic Taskforce


WSPs internationella karriärutvecklingsprogram, Nordic Taskforce, är ett program för unga lovande medarbetare mellan 20 och 34 år. Gruppen får varje år ett uppdrag från ledningsgruppen att belysa en viktig fråga ur olika synvinklar, i år handlar det om hur WSP ska nå målet att bli branschledande i att leverera stora, komplexa, multidisciplinära projekt. Här får du del av gruppens insikter under resans gång.


Nordic Taskforce visits Copenhagen

June 27, 2017

Nordic Taskforce presented their first concept solutions to CFO Eva Aspengren and Patrik Guné, Business Area manager WSP Civils. It turned out some of the solutions had been thought of before but not implemented. The next step is to find out how to make solutions financially viable and sustainable to the company. The findings will be presented at the final presentation in February 2018.


The Nordic Taskforce team met for the second time in Copenhagen on 7th-10th of June. The aims of the meeting was to reconnect with the team and continue on with phase 2 of solving the big task, which is to answer “How do WSP need to act to reach our set strategic target of becoming the industry leader in delivering large, complex, multidisciplinary projects?” 

In the meeting the selection of presenters were wide. We had the privilege of listening to CFO Eva Aspengren, who enlightened the financial structure of WSP and the problematics of balancing between costs, invoice and revenue. Patrik Guné, Civils Business Area Manager, and a client representative from Region Skåne gave presentations regarding their experiences on working in multidiscipline projects. It was very valuable to the team to get the perspective of both the client and WSP.

The NTF team also met with our Danish colleagues. Jes Hansen, MD WSP Denmark, held a presentation regarding the structure and vision of WSP Denmark, MDPs they are in and what they think is important to win and deliver in projects.

Another goal of the meeting was to enhance the members presentation skills. Our facilitator Mikkel Seiling lectured on how to fool your body’s hormone production to become more self-confident when standing in front of an audience. Each member of the team now has their own personal method to tackle nervous situations in presentations.

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