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WSP is helping clients to protect and restore nature and the environment, to reconsider the impact of buildings and infrastructure, to reduce their carbon footprint, increase resource efficiency and improve quality of life.


Sustainability is one of our values and plays an important role in all our activities.  As consultants we have the opportunity to influence development by making sure that projects are sustainable throughout their life-cycle – at design stage, during construction, in occupancy and right up to demolition.

When we talk about sustainability, we don’t mean just in environmental terms.  We’re also looking at the economic and social aspects. We need to think in the long term and WSP now has the tools to develop life cycle calculations within both the construction and infrastructure sectors.

We can contribute to long-term development and influence opinion from the early project stages through our investigations and analysis.  We believe our most important contribution comes through our advice to clients and our structured approach to sustainability.  For example, we have introduced the concept of Green Building Design, which takes a holistic approach and focuses on sustainability through all stages of the construction process.


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