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The UK education sector is evolving: a changing curriculum, new funding models, rapid advances in digital technology and new expectations from students. All factors we take in to account when designing the schools, colleges and universities of the future.

25 years’ experience in education sector 25 years’ experience in education sector
 Designers of Britain’s first zero-carbon classroom Designers of Britain’s first zero-carbon classroom
 Understanding of estate management strategies Understanding of estate management strategies

Working together to deliver value for schools, colleges and universities

We help students achieve their academic potential through sustainable building design. We combine high levels of comfort, air quality, day lighting and acoustics with flexible designs that benefit students, teachers and local communities.

We work closely with operations and facilities directors, so we understand the objectives behind estate strategies and how campuses contribute to the wider community.

We deliver facilities with inherently low energy demand, and we also consider their impact on surrounding areas by addressing issues such as water, pollution, ecology and land use. We develop safe and healthy travel options while reducing traffic congestion and pollution. 

Sustainable and inspirational academic projects

We are continually testing and challenging our knowledge to develop the very best solutions in both new build or modernisation projects. Whether we are providing multidisciplinary services for the new 1150 student Brighton-Aldridge Academy, working with school children to design Britain’s first zero-carbon classroom, piloting a school bus scheme or designing specialist performance facilities for the new Guildhall School of Music, we deliver results that are commercially and environmentally sustainable and, above all, conducive to learning.

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