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Power transmission

We help our clients with all aspects of transmission engineering.

Since the 1920s, when the interconnection of the 132 kV grid system was pioneered in the UK, having a secure and reliable power transmission and distribution system has been more and more important. Today, power utilities face increasing commercial, regulatory and environmental pressures imposed by a competitive energy market.

We’re adept at solving complex transmission engineering problems. We respond to clients’ needs by harnessing our knowledge, technical leadership and project management skills to produce innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Technical advisor

Providing practical engineering advice and in-depth expert consultancy on any technical issue.

Development engineer

Carrying out technoeconomic and environmental feasibility studies.

Owner's engineer

Delivering full design, project management, construction management and supervision services.

Lender's engineer

Delivering due diligence, risk evaluation, supervision and inspection services.

Project implementation

Ensuring delivery of contract, including dispute resolution and contractual payments.

We can help with all aspects of transmission engineering

  • Power systems and planning analysis
  • Overhead lines and towers
  • Cables
  • Substations
  • Protection and control
  • High-voltage direct current

We have an exceptional record in resolving difficult applications for substation layouts.

Tranmission networks

In Kenya, we provided full owner’s engineer services, including network system and economic studies, for the first 400 kV transmission line project in North Africa, connecting Mombasa and Nairobi.

Interconnectors and offshore

We provided full client representation for projects including the award-winning East-West Interconnector (EWIC), a 500 MW HVDC scheme linking the Irish and UK grids.

Frameworks and alliances

Continuity of service to key customers is of particular importance to us. We provide a wide range of services under framework and alliance agreements to several transmission and distribution network operators in the UK and to key clients worldwide. In the UK, we provide National Grid with design advice as well as engineering and project management services.

Our clients worldwide have absolute confidence in our ability to plan and implement reliable, fit-for-purpose assets for them.