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The new and refurbished homes we deliver across the UK give residents a high quality of life, are sustainably designed, and provide clients good return on investment.

We have 40 years experience We have 40 years experience
 We work for the nation’s top 10 homebuilders We work for the nation’s top 10 homebuilders
 World-leading expertise in high-rise World-leading expertise in high-rise

Supporting our clients from planning through to completion

We provide our clients with innovative, technically deliverable, commercial solutions at every stage of the development process, from pre-planning through to completion. 

We help to steer residential schemes smoothly through the planning process thanks to our knowledge of national and local planning laws and our specialist skills in consultation and public engagement. 

As market leaders in transport and infrastructure planning, design and delivery, we know how to create viable and popular developments where the number of housing units is balanced by the benefits of good accessibility, public transport links and attractive landscaping incorporating green space and water management features.

Design with the future in mind

We prioritise sustainability in every project, whether designing a sustainable access strategy for 4,500 new homes in Swindon, developing the zero-carbon methodology for Graylingwell Park in Chichester, engineering iconic mixed-use high-rise developments like The Shard, or master-planning the redevelopment of Earls Court.

As requirements for sustainable residential development become more exacting, we take the long term view and design with the future in mind.