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Roads & bridges

We are helping to deliver the UK’s network of roads and bridges, supporting the economy through improved transport for goods, people and services.

World-leader in roads and bridges engineering World-leader in roads and bridges engineering
 Top UK provider of intelligent transport systems Top UK provider of intelligent transport systems

Improving the UK’s road network

We work with leading contractors to drive greater efficiency and innovation for our public sector clients. As Highways England’s long-time trusted partner, we deliver cost-effective improvements to England’s strategic road network within challenging social, political, fiscal and time constraints. Our innovative projects include the M25 widening (J27-30) and the A35 Weymouth Roundabout improvements - both successfully completed ahead of London 2012.

Supporting local transport routes

We help local authorities such as Northamptonshire County Council manage and improve local roads, through the provision of new infrastructure and routine maintenance services, achieving cost savings, reduced carbon emissions and improved public satisfaction.

Full service range for every project need

Our projects encompass all types of highways; from motorways and major strategic routes, to local access roads. We also work on the rehabilitation and replacement of the whole range of bridge structures. Our services range from feasibility studies, public consultation and route planning; through highway and junction design to safety audits, supervision and inspection.

We also provide a vast range of specialist skills such as investment advice, environmental consultancy, storm water management, street lighting, and road safety. As leaders in developing intelligent transport and travel information systems, we also play a major role in traffic management, helping to improve journey times and safety across the network.

In 2015, we were presented with the Highways England Supplier Recognition Award for ‘managing down costs'.