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M62 Greystone Footbridge Replacement

The project involved the replacement of a deteriorating post tensioned concrete footbridge, with a new landmark cable stayed steel footbridge to maintain the vital link across the M62 Motorway between Junctions 4 & 5 to local amenities including a hospital.

Bullet Client – Knowsley Council
Bullet Final cost for the construction was £1.85M
Bullet ICE North West Awards 2016 Highly Commended Runner Up for Medium Project

The original structure, known locally as the “The Sausage Bridge”, had significant defects, including longitudinal cracking along the line of the deflected tendons as well as evidence of Alkali Silica Reaction. Knowsley Council wanted to reduce their maintenance liability associated with the original bridge.

The replacement footbridge is an online replacement, formed from a symmetrical cable-stayed deck, supported on existing abutments and on a new concrete pier and steel pylon in the central reserve.

The rationale for the adopted construction methods minimised disruption to the Motorway network and its users, whilst providing a safe working environment for the bridge construction.

The brief was then developed collaboratively between ourselves as designers, and the client Knowsley Council. The scheme for the replacement footbridge was developed from concept through to detail design using a joined-up approach, involving key members of Knowsley Council’s  team throughout the process, before tendering the works and then working with Eric Wright Civil Engineering to deliver the construction works.

Knowsley Council’s response to the bridge was one of satisfaction and delight. In addition, feedback from local residents to date has been very positive and they see the footbridge as a vast improvement over the original and somewhat iconic sausage bridge.