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Stubbington Bypass

Stubbington Bypass in Hampshire is a proposed new road, approximately five kilometres in length. It bypasses the village of Stubbington on its eastern side, linking the A27 in the north with Peel Common Roundabout in the south.

Bullet Client: Hampshire County Council
Bullet £30 million new bypass
Bullet DMRB compliant; detailed noise assessment

The benefits of the new bypass are clear - alleviating pressure on the highway network, improving safety and opening up the potential of the area to economic success. However, moving a large volume of road traffic away from one community and closer to another presents a big challenge from a noise perspective.

We worked with Hampshire County Council to understand the noise impact the scheme could have on the local community during the construction and operation of the bypass.

Early involvement

We used our extensive experience of handling big population datasets and advising on major highways schemes to quickly identify who could be affected. By identifying the noise constraints at the earliest opportunity, we were able to help the team decide on the best possible alignment for the proposed bypass.

Once the route alignment was fixed, we built a 3D computerised noise model to predict future noise changes to over 1,250 houses, schools and other sensitive receptors, in line with the requirements of Highways England’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB). We also considered the potential effects on dwellings close to the wider road network and from airborne vibration.

Driving an integrated solution

When we identified that there were potential significant impacts, we outlined various noise mitigation options, including low noise road surfaces and various types of acoustic barriers. We worked with the wider design team through the landscape and engineering issues around the barrier options to ensure the final scheme design was truly integrated.

Our work was included in an environmental statement, and we also completed a WebTAG assessment to support the business case for the scheme.

We also provided a range of environmental services on the project, including air quality, EIA management and ecology.

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