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Bridge design & consulting

We provide expertise and consultancy advice in all aspects of bridges and heavy civil structures for public and private sector clients. Our experienced engineers and designers are able to deal with unusual and complex design, construction and maintenance issues in order to produce buildable and maintainable solutions to structural problems.

Bullet Feasibility and outline designs for approval
Bullet Detailed design for construction
Bullet New structures & refurbishment of existing structures

Our specialist bridge teams are experienced in all aspects of bridge engineering from concept through design to construction, refurbishment and on-going maintenance management. We have extensive experience in providing strategic and technical advice to clients on Eurocodes, having been heavily involved in their development for over a decade. We cover the whole range of bridge structures, from small culverts to major multi-span box girder viaducts, and specialise in the design of repairs and strengthening of existing bridges. We provide innovative solutions to unique challenges faced by our clients and our services include:

  • Feasibility and outline designs for approval
  • Detailed design for construction
  • New structures and strengthening or refurbishment of existing structures
  • Road, rail, foot and cycleway bridges
  • Retaining walls, culverts and sea defences
  • Pumping chambers and utilities cover slabs
  • Bridge assessment for structural capacity
  • Inspections for routine maintenance and special investigations
  • Structural testing and load monitoring

Detailed bridge and other structural design

We take pride in delivering high quality work. We make use of our in-house skills, such as wind tunnel modelling, to better understand and define real problems. We constantly seek innovation and use our specialist skills in structural analysis to ensure safety and economy. We have a wide range of skills and experience to call upon to deliver designs, detailed and specified to match our clients’ requirements.

Bridge feasibility studies

Our bridges teams have a vast wealth of experience to offer in the feasibility stage of schemes. This includes consideration of issues such as statutory approvals and planning, heritage, construction methods and economics, foundations and materials. Seeking the sustainable, whole-life benefits of bridge options is a challenge that we readily meet in comparing alternatives through our detailed knowledge of the management and maintenance of structures.

Conceptual layout design

Understanding the construction process and long-term maintenance issues is vital for the provision of value added concept design. Our bridge engineers have the breadth and depth of experience needed to achieve cost-effective solutions. We work closely with all parties involved in the wider project to ensure the bridge is integrated with the scheme design.

Bridge assessment & inspection

We’re at the forefront of the bridge engineering industry worldwide, specialising in the provision of structural assessment and the rehabilitation and replacement of existing bridge structures. We have a comprehensive awareness of the issues associated with maintaining existing structures within both complex urban and sensitive rural environments.



Steven Smith
Steven Smith Managing Director, UK Transport & Infrastructure
+44 20 3116 5982