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Computational fluid dynamics

Our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) specialists apply cutting edge computer modelling techniques to solve complex engineering physics problems. Our in-house team are experts in a diverse range of built environment fields and supply robust, bespoke solutions across a wide spectrum of sectors.

Bullet STAR CCM+
Bullet Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)
Bullet 6Sigma Room

Optimising performance

CFD is a robust and versatile tool for modern engineering design as it allows designers and clients to test the highly complex interacting systems involved in architectural design. This can demonstrate compliance to a client’s specific performance criteria, highlight problem areas, show how the design performance can be increased and where capital / running costs can be reduced.

Internal ventilation

The performance of a ventilation system is an important part of occupants’ experience of a building. CFD is commonly used demonstrate ventilation solutions for complex public buildings such as schools, stadia, museums, train stations, tunnels and offices, demonstrating what comfortable temperatures and air speeds can be maintained and optimising the overall strategy where it can.

CFD modelling is regularly used to demonstrate effective natural ventilation concepts for sustainable building designs as well as show when users of enclosed spaces like underground car parks are likely to be exposed to potential contaminants. We also specialise in providing essential cooling strategies for equipment in data centres.

External microclimate

External airflow modelling assesses the impact of wind around planned developments at pedestrian and terrace levels. For example, it can also be used to determine how external pollutants might spread around a building, and whether there is a risk of expelled flue gases being re-entrained.

Fire and smoke modelling

A building’s architectural aspirations can never compromise its fire safety. Our computational fluid dynamics and fire experts work closely on innovative fire engineered solutions including designs for open plan apartments, extended travel distances and smoke control systems in car parks, malls and atria. CFD can be integral to the justification and demonstration of alternative design concepts.



James Bertwistle
James Bertwistle Technical Director