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Design management

Good design needs to be creative, but that only works if the process is professionally managed to meet the client’s objectives. Our design management specialists are there to ensure neither creativity or quality is compromised.

Bullet Single & accountable point of contact
Bullet Design solutions without discipline bias
Bullet Delivery through communication and decision making

Our dedicated design management specialists understand the importance of creativity in design. Their aim is always deliver high end solutions to clients’ projects. They work with the technical service teams and external partners of public and private sector clients, in the UK and globally.

Design management requires leadership through an in depth technical understanding of the design process, coupled with a holistic design management approach. We are proud of the fact that our people come from a wide range of backgrounds with a diverse set of skills and experience: architects, civil, structural, building services engineers, which collectively complement one and other. This means we can help successfully deliver major projects like London’s Bond Street Station.

Our technical expertise means good relationships with clients and service partners

We continue to challenge ourselves to deliver better and more effective ways of delivering high profile complex projects from our key philosophy of:

  • Encouraging partnership between client, stakeholders and the design team
  • Providing client focussed solutions
  • Enabling freedom of creative thought in a supportive management environment
  • Providing buildable solutions which represent value for money
  • Mitigating risk & maximising opportunity 
  • Effectively managing change
  • Delivery through effective programme management
  • Ensuring effective project probity


Andrew Tooze
Andrew Tooze Director, Design Management within Management Solutions