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Our façade design and access experts pride themselves on bringing innovation, experience, and enthusiasm to ensure delivery of high calibre projects. They work with building services, lighting and acoustics teams from within WSP and externally to achieve clients' aesthetic, commercial and safety objectives.

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Façades form the envelope between the internal and external environments, so their design and the strategy for how they will be maintained fundamentally affects the performance of the whole building. Our façade experts closely coordinate with building services designers, in order to optimise whole building performance, reduce energy costs and improve comfort levels.

Façade engineering for better building performance

Regulations governing energy use and environmental sustainability are forcing a huge shift in the way that facades are designed. Improved passive solar control with a strong emphasis on external shading, together with active measures to make façades more responsive to the climate are no longer just desirable, they are legal requirements.

We understand the technological, contractual and commercial risks involved, and advise our clients on the best way of mitigating the risks, whilst securing the benefits.

Integrating façade access in to our designs

The requirement to clean and maintain a building has often been a last minute or late consideration and as such is usually a poorly coordinated area. The UK’s Construction and Design Management Regulations mean that consideration must be given to a building’s cleaning and maintenance. In addition to this, considering the façade access within the design process can reduce design and financial risk on a project, as well as enabling a better solution to be developed at reduced cost capital and operational cost.



Steve Bosi
Steve Bosi Head of Façade Engineering
+44 20 7406 7236
Stuart Bond
Stuart Bond Head of Facades Access
+44 20 7314 5914