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Green building design

As global leaders in green building design, we specialise in designing high performance, energy and resource efficient buildings, focussed on the objectives of our clients and the needs and wellbeing of building occupants.

Bullet Lower cost
Bullet Improved energy performance
Bullet New build & retrofit

Recognising and mitigating the impacts of buildings on the environment is crucial to a successful project. Sustainably designed buildings cost less to operate and have excellent energy performance. Whether the building is new or a retrofit we explore every option for reducing and improving its environmental footprint.

Looking at whole lifecycle design

We take into account the whole lifecycle of the building, from the earliest stages of design through construction and operation to demolition. We advise on the orientation and massing of buildings, consider the energy embodied in construction materials, optimise natural resources and incorporate renewables where possible.

In addition, we support clients worldwide in meeting their sustainability aspirations, with experience of achieving the highest levels of green buildings ratings such BREEAM in the UK and similar schemes abroad.

Latest technologies

We employ the latest technologies to save energy and water and to reduce emissions and waste, and we have developed a range of tools to measure energy and cost savings through improved performance.

Our solutions combine a commercial approach, technical excellence and creative thinking, understanding our clients’ unique objectives and bearing in mind current and future building occupants.  We deliver attractive, healthy, fit-for-purpose environments that add real value through enhanced user comfort and wellbeing, reduced demand on energy and natural resources, improved performance and higher market values.

Our projects include commercial and residential buildings, research laboratories, stadiums, museums and public infrastructure schemes. 



David Bownass
David Bownass Sustainability Director