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Quality advice

By providing advice on issues of quality, we can mitigate supply-chain risks during equipment manufacture and eliminate poor construction and operational performance within infrastructure projects.

Bullet We’re an Independent Third-Party Inspection Authority (ITPIA)
Bullet We carry out design reviews on pressure systems
Bullet We provide specialist risk-based analysis of quality interventions

We provide our clients with advice relating to a range of quality issues throughout the lifecycle of a project. Our activities include project management of quality-related activities, design review and risk assessments, contractor due diligence assessments, review and advice of special processes such as welding and non-destructive examination (NDE). 

  • Independent quality advice prior to contract award such as establishment and review of the contract’s quality scope and detailed requirements
  • Tender specification review and assistance during the tender assessment process
  • Vendor assessment to establish the capacity, capability and suitability of potential suppliers
  • Progress verification and expediting services including review of manufacturing programmes
  • Support client during design review for major plant
  • Specialist advice on materials and processes
  • Failure investigations, ad-hoc reviews and solution advice relating to any product or process problems
  • Project management of quality-related activities
  • Metallurgical investigations particularly in relation to welding or NDT problems

Protecting interests

Being independent of project and contractor teams, we are able to provide our clients with a wide range of third-party quality services and the confidence that we are working to protect their interests, save time and money, and preserve reputations. As we’ve been involved in a range of global projects, we have the experience to add significant value and provide assurance that project quality requirements are achieved.   

Skilled resources

Our highly skilled and flexible pool of engineers employ considerable specialist knowledge and experience on a wide range of projects worldwide including mechanical and electrical engineering, non-destructive testing, project planning and quality project management.



Malky Valentine
Malky Valentine Head of Discipline, Quality Services