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Smart Consulting

Enabling our clients to benefit from innovative digital technologies, helping them to deliver more efficient, insightful and effective services.


Our Smart Consulting experts are dedicated to working with our clients to implement innovative digital technologies, often through the exploitation of existing data and systems to increase the efficiency of their organisation or to facilitate new services or functions. And if the right solution for your digital problem or opportunity doesn’t exist we can build it.  

Whether we are providing smart solutions involving the development of bespoke application, GIS, Mobile, Web, 3D visualisation; the clear theme to all these services is the importance of data. The accurate identification, analysis, documentation, management of data is vital if it is to be exploited for our client's benefit. 

Summary of our services:


  • Digital & Technology Strategy
  • Specification, Procurement & Implementation

Data analysis and visualisation


  • Spatial Analysis and GIS Development
  • Data Management (Validation/Conversion)
  • Big Data Management & Analysis
  • LiDAR Capture & Analysis





  • Architecture
  • Development
  • System Integration
  • Hosting (Cloud – AWS Partner)
  • IoT Applications
  • Support 



We have global access to in house domain knowledge, that’s knowledge of your industry, issues and solutions. This pan-industry knowledge allows techniques and good practises to be shared between different industries. And differing time zones offer the potential for extended “office hours” for development and support.



Andrew Porter
Andrew Porter Director (Digital Services, UK & Europe) - E&E